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About Our Online Character & Word Count Tool

Sometimes back, I needed to count characters in a piece of content for use as an informational post for readers, Unfortunately, I could find a tool or way to count the same in an easy method in editors. So I tried to search on Google with words like Word and Character Count Tool, Free Tool to Count Words and Characters, Word Counting Tool or Online Character Count Calculator for help on the internet.

I tried a few tools already available, few were missing word count, and a few were missing to display density of keywords. Being a programmer myself, I developed this Free Online Word Count Tool which will surely help my readers for creating more awesome content for their audience.

I tried few tools already available, some was missing word count, and some missing to show density of keywords. Since i myself programmer, and developed this tool which will sure help you.

What is Free Online Word Count Tool About?

This Character Counter Tool or Word Counting Tool is a free tool to count character and word while typing along with top 6 keywords with the highest keyword density. It shows the results in real time that means as you type or enter the content, easy to use and 100% free text tool available online.

Where you can use this tool?

To start counting your letters, simply write or paste the text into the text area and Count characters and words at the same time. You can use this tool for: Snapchat status where the limit is 250 characters

  • The Twitter single tweet which is having characters limit of 280 characters
  • Pinterest post having 495 characters
  • SMS text contains 160 characters
  • Linkedin Summary consists of 2,000 characters
  • An Instagram post is having 2,200 characters limit

How to use this Online Character Count Calculator tool

If you want to check characters count of your Tweet or next Instagram post then you can simply start typing into the text area where your mouse cursor is pointing. You will start seeing the characters and words above the text area where you are typing your content in real time. You will actually see the increase and decrease in your words and characters results as soon as you add, delete or update any content.

You can also use copy and paste function to count the characters and words for your next Facebook notes, LinkedIn walls or blog posts.

Which web platforms, operating systems & mobile devices letter & word counting tool work on?

Our free tool to count words and characters is successfully tested on all Operating systems, mobile devices like smartphones, tabs. Feel free to send feedback if you face any problems with this tool.

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