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About Our Online Character & Word Count Tool

Sometimes back, i need to count characters in piece of content for use as informational post for readers, Unfortunately i could find a tool or way to count the same in easy method in editors. So i tried to search on Google for help on internet.

I tried few tools already available, some was missing word count, and some missing to show density of keywords. Since i myself programmer, and developed this tool which will sure help you.

What is this tool?

Word Character Count is a free tool to count character and word as well density. It shows results as you type or enter the contents, very easy to use and 100% free.

How to use?

You type your contents or copy and paste your in the text area above.

Which platforms, OS & devices this work on?

This tool is test on all OS, devices and gadgets. Feel free to send feedback if you face any problems.

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