Empty Line Remover

Enter the text you want to remove the empty lines from, and click the button.

What is Empty Line Remover?

With the help of this tool, You can eliminate white spaces from blocks of text content. If the text that you pasted was in the form of the column with line breaks at the end of every line, or text copied from a pdf file with spacing, phrase wrap, or line break problems then this tool is quite useful for you. These blank lines are unnecessary and may spoil your formatting. Removing a blank line is easy if the empty space is only a single line. White spaces among sentences which can be created with the resource of wrong paragraph settings. To eliminate blank lines that are pasted due to paragraph settings, you should change these settings.

How Does Empty Line Remover tool work?

This tool is helpful to remove lines containing multiple whitespaces. Enter the text you want to remove white spaces and click on “Output”. This tool will remove all whitespaces from the text and in the result, you will get full lines only. This quick tool removes all the newlines from the blocks of text.

Benefits of Empty Line Remover tool

This tool is beneficial to save hours of manual work to remove line breaks. This tool is helpful to remove extra spaces from the text that you directly paste from the internet or from any word character count document. This efficient and more friendly tool quickly remove all the blanks from the text in just a second.