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Line counter is a simple tool to calculate the number of lines in a given text or list or paragraph. The tools are mostly used by students to know the number of lines in their assignments, thesis or dissertation and content writers to know the number of lines in their articles, press releases, blog posts or research content.

How it Works

Simple working, Just add your text in the given box and it will calculate how many lines are in text or list. The tools count all lines in a phrase or list of text either they are blank or filled. Just paste your text in the form above, press and you get the number of lines in your text with pressing any button.

Feature of Line Counters

Online line calculator has many features that make it easy to use, thorough, extensible, and portable

  • 100% Free tools
  • It is fast and gives instant results.
  • No registration required.
  • No Need to press and button work automatically.

Advantage of Lines Calculator

It is best for students and teachers, who have to complete their assignment or research document with limits of text ro content writers to write on particle topics or subject upto specific number of lines. If you use these tools with word character count tools it will give the best results.

This tool is commonly used by teachers, students, professors, essay writers, news writers, press reports, social media content writers and copywriters.


The major limitation of the tools is that it also calculates the blank lines which sometimes is confusing for making any decision based on the number of text links. Further if you are counting lines of code like php, java, .net, python and other programming languages it may not be correct.

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