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What is Case Converter Tool?

Case converter is designed to easily convert the text into any formatted text. You can easily convert any text to either lower case, upper case or proper sentence case. This tool is very beneficial to convert text into the different case. If you work in excel then you should know how to change the case in the word. In Microsoft word, words are automatically highlighted if there is any case or grammar problem.

How does Text Formatting tool work?

The case converter tool is used to convert lowercase to uppercase, uppercase to lowercase, title case to sentence case by adjusting and preserving the text. Copy and paste the sentence or paragraphs into the area. Choose between the available options "Normal text" "UPPERCASEā€, "lowercase" or "Sentence Case". After that click on "Convert" button. Your text will convert into capitalisation style. Now, you can select and copy converted text.

The functionality of available options:-

Upper Case: Converts all the letters into capitals, COMPANY

Lowercase:- Converts all the letters into small letters, company

Title case:- capitalize the first letter of the word Business Enterprises

Sentence case:- converts the first letter into uppercase and rest remains into lowercase,

This tool is very easy to use as you don't have to spend too much time converting your contents, article into polished content.

Benefits of using case converter

Case converter tool is the solution of all text formatting problems. Main advantage of this texct tool is when you forget to off the caps lock key and write whole content in the uppercase, this tool will help you change the text into normal with single button click

  • Save precious time by removing text case error by simply pasting the converted text.
  • Change text into first letter capital
  • Remove incorrect capitalisation with the normal text option
  • Remove unwanted formatting by converting it into plain text

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